The Sony WH-1000XM4 is potentially going to drop this month!

Arguably the travel headphone king alongside their rivals at Bose. The M4 looks set to correct all the pain points on the M3’s! The major one for me is their lack of multi-device switching. Plus enhancements such as Bluetooth 5.0.

The Sony WH-1000XM3. (Image credit: Sony)

June 23rd looks to be the touted date over at:

Virgin Media outage – 27th April 2020

This would have to happen on the day I switch the router to modem only mode so the family thought it was something I had done! 😀

The Wifi was too flakey in the standard router not to though and the issue didn’t seem DNS related as i’d initially changed mine on the TP-Link router to &, yet still saw issues as seen here:

My Broadband Ping - Virgin 500/30

Diskpart.exe, the silent hero of Windows.

I rarely use my Desktop these days.. I’m rather in favour of my 2019 MacBook Pro but with the pandemic, I’ve been gaming on the switch a lot more and saw that I could transfer my Witcher 3 saves from the Switch to the PC version (Using GoG’s cloud saves).

This started of a journey of bringing my Windows PC back upto date. A billion bits of software wanted updates and I didn’t have much in the way of space. For some reason or other I’d given 160GB of 512GB over to a linux partitio. That was essentially wiped straight away without hesitiation as far too many games still don’t support the plaform and this desktop only comes on to play them.

So this was done in is the Disk Management UI app that window provides. What became apparent was that there was a ~400MB partition in front of that 160GB one that the Disk Management apparently couldn’t touch…

So some brief Googling brought me onto: diskpart.exe :

No idea why this is only CLI based and Disk Management couldn’t handle this task but i’m mighty glad I know about it now.

Also being the elephant in a china shop that I am with my own stuff I forgot to make sure I accounted for Windows being able to boot properly so had a short venture off into making a Windows USB boot driver so I could recover the Windows Master Boot record (MBR). All is good now and I have a bit more space for like two games now 😉.

MacOS – Store screenshots in a different location!

Go to Spotlight (magnifying glass icon in the top right) search and open terminal (or your choice of shell). From there input (with the relevant path you want to store screenshots in):

defaults write location ~/Pictures/Screenshots

It’s as simple as that! If you’re as trigger happy as me with cmd +Shift+4 for screenshots then you’ll find this a godsend in terms of not cluttering up your desktop.

Super handy if your work doesn’t permit the use of app like Skitch.

Sad to see Tesco bank reducing interest rates


Tesco Bank has been a long time choice of mine for its ease of use. With a current account that pays interest and with a rewards point scheme, it has a decent amount of appeal. It looks like they are following trends by other banks in reducing their benefits or making them harder to achieve. In this case, a drop from 3% > 1% interest on their current account offering isn’t enough to make me move as the rewards scheme is still of value, especially if you’re invested in the Tesco ecosystem (banking, mobile, food, clothes, baby items etc) but its always good to keep an eye on the market. My only real gripes with Tesco is lack of Android pay and Garmin pay support on their current accounts.

Santander who also reigned in their 123 account benefits, are also still pretty decent for cashback if you have your mortgage with them!