OpenSSH server built in functionality on Windows 10, a hidden gem.

So I only tend to use windows 10 for my media PC and my gaming PC. Work and everything else is Ubuntu or macOS so I’m a bit rusty with Windows these days… 

I find myself doing most quick remote connections via SSH for SFTP so with Windows 10 facing me… I was glad to see that a native SSH server is now an option, although with some mild configuration required: 

Enter: which isn’t as popular a result on DuckDuckGo as I might have expected! Glad I found them thought! 

There seems to be really positive tones coming from Microsoft these days, Ubuntu support without a VM is pretty cool too! 

Stream-ripping is ‘fastest growing’ music piracy

Snippet from the article:

“Several sites and apps allow users to turn Spotify songs, YouTube videos and other streaming content into permanent files to store on phones and computers.

Record labels claim that “tens, or even hundreds of millions of tracks are illegally copied and distributed by stream-ripping services each month”.

One service alone is thought to have more than 60 million monthly users.”

Link to article:

I think they’ll always be piracy. Its when the actual consumers of the content suffer that really irks me. Hence why I love services that offer DRM free content so I can do what I want with my purchases! Humble Bundle, Good Old Games (GoG) for instance.

I bet that sometimes its down to awareness as well. Example: I love using Spotify when i’m at my desktop but I only use the free version. If i’m on the go with patchy mobile signal or want to use a bit less battery i’ll use the Amazon Music app as I have prime and can download tunes to play offline. How many people unknowingly forget things like that…

Piracy is pretty harsh on the content owners why you think about it. Be it musicians, games makers, movie makers or any other form of content. They’ll already have cuts taken off by anyone in the middle of the release process so to impact them further really hurts. Just as a games / movie 3D artist working in a central London job and you’ll soon see what i’m talking about.