This blog has gone unloved!

Its been a long while since i posted something here.

Between work, raising a child and using what little time I have to do DIY / personal projects, its left very little time for things like this. So here are some short updates for anyone that cares!

The Expanse is amazing and me and my partner are slowly working are way through it!

If you knew me a few years ago I changed my tech gadgets like people change their clothes… These days i’ve been rocking the same phone since the OnePlus 3 came out and finnally gave in and got the OnePlus 6! Its really good! I want to say especially for the price but that sounds like it takes something away from it. Honestly, if you have a 2+ year old phone then it’s an amazing choice!  The camera takes very nice shots and the 4k video capabilities are decent. The main selling points for me were the options of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage! Nothing comes close without selling a kidney!

Took my daughter swimming the day before fathers day. She loved going underwater as a baby, not so much as a toddler! Still, she enjoyed it by midway through the session and was even jumping into the pool from the edge as long as I was there with arms out to catch her!

I also upgraded the road bike slightly with some new cageless bottles which are very nice! Next up is a WeeRide front child seat for the MTB.

My jokey test site I use to playing around with features at work is coming along also. I’ve even had some submissions! Check out: and give it a FB/ Twitter like if you want.





Tools to build / rebuild a bike!


In this post i’m just going to link the tools and how-to videos. I’ll discuss the actual bike rebuild in another post.

Disclaimer: I’m linking to Amazon here with pretty cheap products so would appreciate the support (purchases will give me a tiny commission) but you may find these parts slight cheaper on places like eBay. 

Pedal crank remover:

Purchase link:

Crank puller video with horrendous / hilarious music:


Some good Allen keys:

Purchase link:

If you need a how to video for these you may as well stop now..


Headset press (not cheap but hard to do the press accurately without):

Purchase link:

How to video:

For a chain tool I used one from this kit:

Purchase link:

How to video:

If your dismantling a bike, get a cleaning kit, trust me:

Purchase link:


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