So Apple released some stuff yesterday…

Most of the attention seems to be on the iPhone X (you have to say it as 10, which is great but a) what happens to 9 and b) what happens to 10 in two years! ). THis post isn’t really about the iPhone X or 8 as in my opinion, they were run of the mill updates, some stuff is nice, like the dual camera orientation and buffs but meh to the rest..

The interesting stuff:

Apple TV 4K

Weirdly the Apple TV hasn’t gotten much limelight from what I’m seeing from general browsing. Apart from the appalling lack of storage (max 64GB), it looks good! Maybe not good enough to have Roku quaking in their boots but it looks decent with everything you would want:


Video Output


Dolby Vision and HDR10


A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture



Gigabit Ethernet

802.11ac Wi‑Fi with MIMO; simultaneous dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)

Bluetooth 5.0



HDMI 2.0a

Gigabit Ethernet

IR receiver


Audio Output

Up to Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound

Apple Watch Series 3

Anyway, moving on, the other interesting product is the Apple watch which adds LTE support. So now its a truly standalone device and with some Airpods sounds pretty cool depending on how long the battery is going to last in actual use. Plus it actually beats a lot of Android competitors as it’s claimed you can actually go swimming with it! The thing I like most, however, is that Apple has taken an old school technology such as having the same mobile number on multiple SIMs and are pushing it to be mainstream. Operators usually try and stick you on a business account if you want this type of functionality and even then its a fight.

EE refers to the SIM as an eSIM and there doesn’t appear to be a slot on the marketing pictures of the device so I suspect it’s a virtual SIM that’ll link to the Apple watch based on the IMEI  that links back to a SIM identifier that also goes out to your phone’s SIM / IMEI.

Hopefully, network support will be fast and furious! I’m with Three in the UK and it looks like only EE will be offering it from the start. Not a major issue, I like EE but usually put off by their pricing/caps. I might still be tempted however once some real world reviews are out!

Apple Watch 3
Apple Watch 3

Finally, a custom 3.5mm cable for Sennheiser Headphones

I have a pair of HD 558‘s which were gifted to me. They were my first open cupped headphones which at first seemed a little weird but actually, I’ve come to love and prefer. Basically, I can still hear the phone ring or door bell go while enjoying my music to a good fidelity in relative isolation! Also with the baby, they’ve become even more important as I can still listen out for her but listen to music without disturbing her sleep, win-win!

Worth noting that these were replaced by HD 579‘s if you’re looking to buy some.

Give open cup ago! 

The main issue I had with them was that the cable. Although removable at both ends… One end had a 2.5mm jack for the headphones with a custom indent in the mould for locking the cable in place. The other end had 6.35 jack. It did come with a 3.5mm jack adapter but this was bulky to say the least and hardly something you’d have sticking out your phone in your pocket when doing stuff around the house. 

Now I get that Sennheiser target these as home audio but back when I got these it was impossible to get a cable that did 2.5mm straight to 3.5mm. As I had started using these again over my Samsung Level overs (pass, ANC is rubbish, go Boss QC35 or Sony MDR-1000X ) I went relooking and found:

Sennheiser HD558 CABLE

Just what I was looking for! So happy! Link:

Despite the county’s issues, Turkey remains popular with holidaying Brits.

While the British Pound suffers against various other economies it’s still doing well again the Turkish Lira so that’s likely a driving force with holiday makers and tour operators.

Given this is an important sector to Turkey they do seem to do their best to protect the industry and its holiday makers but I’m surprised to see it in at number 3 on the most popular destination for Brits. Especially over places like Italy!

I guess maybe there is some unity for both as Britain will soon be sitting just outside the EU also after Brexit completes.