Xbox One X and One S getting 1440p support in the near future

Article over at TechRadar:

Interesting for the Xbox One X and i’m sure users in the resolution middle ground will really appreciated the efforrt.

If i’m being really skepticle its also a good way to get those Xbox One S’s nice and toasty and shorten the life of them a little bit 😉 On the flip side it’s a nice bonus for ownders while this also narrows the reasons to jump to an X so an interesting move by Microsoft. – yeah yeah faster downloads… We want upstream!

50Mbps upstream on the top end package of G.Fast is where my interest is for this service as it rolls out. Its going to shake things up for the likes of Virgin Media also who should have plenty of time to respond with a DOCSIS 3.0 /3.1 upstream changes to complete. I would hope they would go one better and outdo OpenReach here as DOCSIS 3.0 can go way way beyond!

BT Confirm Tech Details for Summer UK Pilot of 300Mbps Broadband

image from ISPreview article above:


If you want to see the green extention boxes being added to your nearby cabinets, see this article:

BT Openreach Reveals Broadband Cabinet Extension Pod – 50GB free

Totally forgot about the Mega service but recently needed some space to backup videos as my One Drive and Google Drive are mostly full. Amazon Prime Cloud Drive also gives 5GB for non-videos (Unlimited photos!) but I needed more and then I remembered this service and wondered if it was still going! To my surprise it was and found some old music I had stored away as a bonus! Give the service ago here: 

Why didn’t I do this sooner?! I purchased a straight edge razor!

I’ve been lazier recently when it comes to shaving. Or maybe its just parenthood but I finally gave up dealing with “safety” razors. I spend so long trying to clean them out that it’s a hugely frustrating experience.  Enter this:

Looks nice. Cuts well and has a protective cover. Blades are dirt cheap to buy in comparison as well. Shaving now no longer takes 40+ minutes if you’ve gone 4+ days without a shave! Definitely, recommend switching! Although I will admit I don’t think I’ve ever cut myself shaving until today. So do take it easy and use with foam/shaving balm!


Raspberry Pi (Zero W) quick start guide – headless.

Right, you have a Raspberry Pi (Zero W), Micro SD and power.

You want to have SSH enabled and have the device connect to your local network without the requirement of a keyboard, UI or network cable.

Put your Raspbian image onto the SD micro as per normal (Etcher) or however, you choose.  Then view the contents on the SD card. You’ll be in the /boot

Create a file called andssh this is essentially all that’s need for SSH service being enabled when you stick the card into the Raspberry Pi for the first time.

Now for Wi-Fi: As per this update post:

The latest update to Raspbian

Create a file called.  wpa_supplicant.conf in /boot/ so you have /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf

Paste this in there with your relevant details where the quote are:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Done! Stick it in the Pi and away you go.

If you need to find the devices IP on the network, tools like arp and a OUI checker  are handy as well as nmap


sudo nmap -O or sudo nmap -O

Then connect to it with ssh pi@<ip>

First this you should do is change the default password from rasberry to something else. Or create a new user and password / SSH key, then disable the userpi.