Live in the UK, want a chance at free money?

So I wouldn’t usually post about things like this but is a fair exchange for you visiting each day and seeing all their ads/clicking through the various draws for a chance at winning free (if you don’t include the above as a cost to you) money: It takes about 5 mins as one draw is a video ad to watch but it’s quick enough to be worth it. Just set the page as your homepage or something and try not to miss your postcode coming up!

Really like the look of these Sony ANC headphones.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 look and seem to review pretty well, even up against Bose QC series. I was pretty disappointed in the ANC on the Samsung Level Over I purchased a few years back that i’m still using (they do look good and sound decent otherwise). This was coming from some Nokia BH-940s (Monster) which, yes looking back, haven’t aged well style wise but had very good Active noise cancelling. Maybe too good as you had to pay attention when out and about! My only concern for these Sony’s is the little vent/ mic on the cups facing upwards, that’d be a bad situation if it started raining and you were outside with these I suspect. Apart from that oversight. I really can’t wait to try out a pair!

Anyone got a pair? Let me know your likes and dislikes in the comments.